2005 Publication ~ Unfinished Business Photographing Vancouver Streets 1955 to 1985

Editors: Bill Jeffries, Glen Lowry, Jerry Zaslove. Unfinished Business Photographing Vancouver Streets 1955 to 1985. West Coast Line 47 – Vol. 39 No.2. 2005. Co-published with Presentation House Gallery. Paperback 6.5 x 8 inches. 288 pages.

ISBN 0-920293-67-0. ISSN 1182-4271.

Two years after the Presentation House Gallery exhibition Unfinished Business: Vancouver Street Photographs 1955 to 1985, the quarterly west coast line published a full edition of photographs, essays and writing about photographers working the streets of the city in the decades between the Korean War and Expo 86. Contributors to this volume include:

Roy Arden

Marie Anneharte Baker

Michael Barnholden

Dick Bellamy

Rob Brownie

Adrienne Burk

Clint Burnham

Wayde Compton

Michael de Courcy

Jack Dale

Christos Dikeakos

Fred Douglas

Svend-Erik Eriksen

Brett Enemark

Robbert Flick

Greg Girard

Fred Herzog

Bill Jeffries

Curt Lang

Glen Lowry

Garry Morse

The N.E. Thing Company

Stephen Osborne

Meredith Quartermain

Jamie Reid

Henri Robideau

Sharla Sava

Brian Stablyk

Robert Sherrin

Derek Simons

Bruce Stewart

Annabel Vaughn

Cory Verbauwhede

Fred Wah

Jeff Wall

Ian Wallace

Petra Watson

Tony Westman

Bob Williams

Paul Wong

Jerry Zaslove.