Exhibition ~ Urbanarium Festival 87

October 2 to 17, 1987

Urbanarium Development Society

Old Motor Vehicle Testing Station

1740 West Georgia

Vancouver Canada

"This exhibition is a test case, an idea fragment, for a notion which is presently "under construction" in Vancouver. The Urbanarium Development Society is working on finding a facility for further exploration into the complexities and possibilities of life in the city. We Call this facility the Urbanarium."

From the exhibition catalogue.


Catherine Alkenbrack curated this wide ranging exhibition and forum on urban change while the last buildings from Expo 86 were being raised from the shores of False Creek. The idea was to bring together architects, artists and community planners into a dialogue about Vancouver's future with the hopes of establishing a permanent centre for exploring change in the urban environment. This lofty goal lasted about for about two weeks during the run of the show.

As a kind of model for urban renewal, Urbanarium was held in the soon to be bulldozed old British Columbia Provincial Motor Vehicle Test Station. Art installations and architect concepts were posted around the partially demolished interior and a forum site was set up for a series of public presentations.


A 44 page newsprint catalogure was published to accompany the proceedings with writings by Abraham Rogatnick, Russell Keziere and Martin Lewis. See Henri Robideau's catalogue entry:

Read the Globe and Mail review:


Marian Penner Bancroft

Kati Campbell

Gerogiana Chappell

Todd Davis

Mary Filer

Mark Grady

Arni Runar Haraldsson

Jeannie Kamins

Deborah Klyman-Mowczan

James Klyman-Mowczan

Warren Murfitt

Michelle Normoyle

Henri Robideau

Harold Spence-Sales

Alan Storey


Firms and Architects

Richard Henriquez– Richard Henriquez

Arthur Erickson– Haig Kouyoumdjian, Louis Creuer, Jim Boldt, Peter Sickert

Arthur Erickson– Brian Dust

Thompson Berwick and Pratt– Jim Nicholls, Bill Pechet, Andrew Rozen, Casey Pechet

Unaffiliated– David McIntyre, Hamish Munro

Bing Thom– Bruce Haden, Rosemary Crookson

Thomas Mawson– Doug Frankson, Dale Richard

Roger Kemble– Frank Stebner

Urban Highways– Astrid Drikitis, Erika Gerson, Katie Gerson, Marnie Healy

Arthur Erickson– Julie Hein, Scott Hein