2003 Chapbook ~ Terminal City Picaresque

The fictional account of a street photographer's  first year in Vancouver Canada, back in 1969 and 1970.

Robideau, Henri. Terminal City Picaresque.  Vancouver: Self published. 2003. Chapbook, 7 inches x 8.5 inches, 16 pages, 12 black and white photographs.

Laser printed.  Stapled heavy paper cover and wrapper in an edition of 100 copies. Price at time of release $10.00.

This story was written in the autumn of 2003 as a contribution to a series of essays to be published by Presentation House Gallery in an accompanying critical anthology  to the exhibition Unfinished Business Vancouver Street Photographs 1955 to 1985. At the time of the writing, the text was organized with twelve photographs into a chapbook and run off on a laser printer in an edition of one hundred copies.

Later in 2005, the long awaited anthology was published by West Coast Line as edition 47, in collaboration with Presentation House Gallery. Terminal City Picaresque was included as one of the writings, but without the chapbook photographs. Instead, four pages of Henri Robideau's photographs from the exhibition were inserted separately from the text. Though the words are the same in both the chapbook and anthology, the pictures are not. The dynamic of picture/text narrative, integral to Henri Robideau's work, is not presented in the anthology.