Oppenheimer Park Homeless Summer 2014

Vancouver Canada

August 2 and September 6, 2014.


From July until mid October 2014, Oppenheimer Park became the site of an occupation by Vancouver’s dispossessed. At its peak, there were more than 200 tents set up and the camp became the focus for issues facing people living on the streets of the Downtown Eastside. The following quote is from an IC-Vancouver web posting, September 19, 2014: "Talks with the City and Province are going nowhere,  say organizers of Tent  City at  Oppenheimer Camp on Unceded Coast Salish Territory. In 2014, "houseless-ness" hit a record high in vancity under the 3 current colonial government   administrations! It's time to take Action! Everyone Welcome! Rally next Friday from 11AM to NOON and march to a mystery location that represents the harm being done to the precious people of the Downtown Eastside. We rally against gentrification, colonization, house-less-ness, frozen welfare rates and minimum wages, racism, violence against women, abusive immigration policies, destruction of sustainable indigenous food systems, discrimination against mentally ill, lack of culturally sensitive services, GBLT2IQ bashing, renoviction, abusive residential school and it's current manifestation in the foster care system, the drug war, privatization of everything essential, shocking public apathy and all the root causes that have created the perfect storm that TENT CITY represents. TENT CITY also represents struggle, resistance, community, perseverance that has been going on since colonization began on this little patch of precious territory.”


2015, narrative collage, 40 x 30 inches, dry mounted colour ink jet prints, hand written text.

Exhibited April 2015, Eraser Street show, grunt Gallery, Vancouver Canada