Canadian Art magazine, Winter 1985, page 13. Photo of crazy artists Doug Clark and Henri Robideau.

Doug Clark was without a doubt one of the major animators and promoters of Canadian photography. He was an eastern guy, originally from Burlington, Ontario, who after attending Ryerson began his series of photography projects which brought him out to western Canada in the 1970's. He worked as the curator of photography at the Edmonton Art Gallery and generated numerous extra-institutional photography projects in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba up into the 1980's.

Doug's energy, enthusiasm and sense of humor were infectious and only outweighed by his love of photography. We made this photograph of ourselves in 1985 when he lived on East Georgia Street in Vancouver's Strathcona neighbourhood. Canadian Art magazine wanted a photo of him for their winter edition to chronicle his latest project, Gallery In Transit, and Doug wanted to emphasize his projects involved the talents of many people and served to bring people together. We used Doug's camera as he was a

 colour film guy but we used my panorama technique to build a sextet out of two guys and three frames of film. The caption is filled with Doug personal references, especially "Neurosis as a Hobby,"  one of his favourites.

Douglas Clark 1952-1999.