Giant Wrist Watch At Expo 86

May 2 to October 13, 1986


Vancouver Canada


The Expo 86 giant wrist watch reads change, big time, coming to the north shore of Vancouver’s False Creek.

In 1979 the BC Provincial government bought the 170 acres of un-ceded industrial waterfront from the CPR for $30 million and massively transformed the site into the PNE on steroids– Expo 86, just in time for Vancouver’s 100th anniversary celebration. After the party, the whole $800 million project was taken to the dump and the land given away with great concord to an off-shore developer.

Giant Wrist Watch and eastern portion of Expo 86, as seen from the newly completed Cambie Street  Bridge, October 8, 1986.

The good times lasted five months and 22,111,577 visitors trudged incessantly or rode contraptions to Expo’s 54 pavilions, then . . . total annihilation January 7, 1987.

Archival inkjet digital prints from scanned black and white film, dry mount collaged onto 40w x 30h inch rag board. Black ink holographic text. 2015

Exhibited April 2015, Eraser Street show, grunt Gallery, Vancouver Canada