Giant Window and Two Giant W's

May 4, 2011. When the original Woodwards building was demolished in 2006, the Giant   W that   had topped it  since 1958 was saved and now serves as a monument  at   the base of the new Woodwards Building. A replacement Giant  W now turns atop the complex, lit  by energy efficient  LED’s, first  switched on January 15, 2010.


Rainy night November 26, 2016. The Giant Window is actually an enormous 30 by 50 foot  translucent photomural by the acclaimed artist  Stan Douglas which occupies the central corridor of the new Woodwards complex. Titled, “Abbott & Cordova, 7 August  1971,” this  picture reimagines the infamous police crackdown on a peaceful public watermelon party and pot smoke-in sponsored by the Georgia Straight  on the summer streets of Gastown.


Henri Robideau 2017

2017, narrative collage, 40w x 30h inches, dry mounted colour ink jet print, digital hand written text.