Exhibition ~ CVAA ROUND UP

September 7 to 30, 2007

Oceanside Art Gallery

Parksville BC, Canada

Giant Rubber Tire Man Recycled For CVAA Roundup Circle Theme

The CVAA is a diverse group of artists who have been meeting monthly since the mid-1970's, doing mail art, artiststamps, artist books and other collaborative art projects. The members at the time of the CVAA ROUND UP were: Anna Banana, James Felter, Donna Hagerman, Jeannie Kamins, Shirley Lum, Herbert Morse, Henri Robideau, Barbara Seamon, Peter Small, Bill Thomson, Ed Varney and Jane Wolsak.

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The group show featured work by CVAA members based on the theme “CIRCLE.” My photo collage Giant Rubber Tire Man In The Rubber Tire Vortex was originally created in 1975 as part of a series on vanishing Giant Things. Thirty-two years later it was brought back into service for the CVAA ROUND UP.