Exhibition ~ Burnt Toast

Poster: Thomas Minor 1985

June 14 - August 15, 1985

Moosart Gallery

4001 N.E. Second Avenue

Miami, Florida

Read Helen Kohen's review in the Miami Herald

In the autumn of 1984, Howard Davis saw my exhibition at Dazibao in Montreal and was impressed with my work. Howard in turn introduced my photography to his mother Joy Moos, who at the time had recently opened the Moosart Gallery in Miami. Howard was enthusiastically organizing an art movement in the cultural waste land of south Florida and was drawing in local artists into his publication Artifacts and events at club Fire And Ice and exhibitions through the Moosart Gallery. Early in 1985 I was invited to be represented by Joy Moos and be in Howard's upcoming exhibition Burnt Toast. Though my involvement Davis and Moos lasted only one year, it was a pleasure to contribute to the burgeoning Miami art scene and show my work in the United States.

Here are my works exhibited in the Burnt Toast show: