Beautiful Uglyville Creeps East

Geography Is Destiny

Vancouver Canada

101 penthouse monstrosity, March 27, 2014.


After the 2010 Winter Olympics, the south-east corner of False Creek surrounding the Olympic Village witnessed a gold-rush of new development, a shiny boxtropolis based on promiscuous planning, driven by deliberate densification. Just about any concrete, glass, and aluminum people-stacker became acceptable to the Mayor and Council’s vision for beautiful Uglyville, including an obviously earthquake-prone, top-heavy architectural monstrosity home for Canada Border Services Agency and United States Homeland Security Nexus Program eyeball scanner.

First Place is a ten story tower at East 1st and Main in Uglyville, a lovely, much needed social housing facility whose subsidized tenants don’t complain about lack of waterfront views or zero sidewalk setbacks from heavy arterial street traffic. After the pre-Olympic promise of 700 social housing units for south-east False Creek, the City and Provincial governments have supplied 276 in the First Place and Marguerite Ford apartments.

As Uglyville spreads into the seismically unstable dredged fill land of East End False Creek, and global warming promises to put the

 whole mud flat under 25 feet of ocean water by Vancouver’s 200th anniversary, city planners might consider this an excellent opportunity for float house developments with Ken Lum’s East Van Crucifix becoming a beacon for a future Clark Drive Boat Dock.

Archival inkjet digital photographs dry mount collaged onto 40w x 30h inch rag board. Black ink holographic text. 2015

Exhibited April 2015, Eraser Street show, grunt Gallery, Vancouver Canada

Exhibited September 2015. Emily Carr Faculty Show 2015