Baseball Heaven

Riley Park’s Nat Bailey Stadium

Vancouver Canada


July 10, 2013, Nat Bailey Stadium, the Vancouver Canadians versus the Boise Hawks. Ladies and gentlemen, please remove your hats, stand for our national anthems and  thanksgiving to the First Nations.

 “The Nat,” with just 5,000 all up close seats, a real grass field and a modest sound system is the perfect baseball paradise. Built in 1951, it was originally known as Capilano Stadium, named after the beer, not the First Nation. In 1978 it was renamed after Vancouver’s heralded hamburger honcho and big-time baseball backer, Nat Bailey. The minor league baseball played here is actually more fun to watch than the majors. Where else would you see three runs knocked in on a bunt, or Eduardo Perez’s 1994 season finale grand slam home run drive over the left field fence in the bottom of the ninth of a 0-3 ball game, clenching the Pacific Coast League North Division title for the Vancouver Canadians?

Henri Robideau 2013

Small photo captions:

(Left) Google helicopter recreation of the Eduardo Perez 1994 home run.

(Right) Riley Park 2013 à la the Apple Maps helicopter.

2013, narrative collage, 40 x 30 inches, dry mounted colour ink jet prints, hand written text.

Exhibited April 2014, Winsor Gallery, Vancouver Canada